General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, is a regulation that intends to forcefully protect EU citizens and their integrity. If you are an organization that capture, store and manage information about EU individuals you should act now, the grace period is ticking. From May 2018 it is mandatory to fully comply to this new EU regulation, GDPR, so waiting to initiate the  process is no option. Some of the challenges are:

  1. Technical issues. There are several new and tougher requirements, for instance if a user requests to be deleted(right to be forgotten) from your services you must provide evidence that you have deleted all information about her.
  2. A breach must be reported to authorities and the individual with 72 hours. Depending on severity you might not need to contact each affected individual.
  3. Consent. You must have very clear consent from the user in how you’re using personal data, and if you change how you are using users data, you must seek new consent for the changes.
  4. Huge fines. The fines can be as high as up to 4% of your global turnover or 20 MEURO.

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