Kristian Wind joins Complianza

Kristian Wind joins Complianza as a new Partner

Stockholm, Sweden. Complianza Sweden AB is pleased to announce that Kristian Wind is joining the company as a Partner. Kristian will continue his work with Public Policy and Public Affairs while expanding to also advise the industry on Regulatory Compliance.

“While I have worked closely with a number of industry consultants before, I found that Complianza offered a team of people with unmatched skills in the field of technical compliance and I was very intrigued by their concept of ‘Compliance as a Service’, so it was a good match for me,” Kristian said. “I will be able to draw on the team for inspiration in my work with regulators across Europe and the team will get deeper insights into the thoughts behind the regulations.”

Kristian comes to Complianza from a role as Special Adviser to the Swedish Gambling Authority where he primarily worked as the project manager for the team drafting the technical regulations entering into force this fall and will continue to advise the Swedish regulator during the implementation phase and application period in 2018. Kristian has previously worked for four years at the Danish Gambling Authority in a similar role, drafting and implementing the technical regulations during the reregulation of the Danish gambling market from 2010 to 2014.

“We are very happy to have Kristian onboard as a partner,” said Christer Hutchinson-Kay, Managing Partner of Complianza. “The combination of his regulatory expertise and Complianza’s deep technical experience from European regulated markets will provide a unique competence in how to best manage the regulatory space, not only in the Nordic region, but all over Europe.”

Complianza provides senior consulting services to the European gaming industry. We are specialized in Compliance, Business Development, Product Management as well as general management.

For more information, please contact Christer Hutchinson-Kay at +46705353654, email or visit the Complianza website at www.complianza