Henrik Malmqvist Becomes a Partner

Stockholm, Sweden. Complianza Sweden AB is pleased to announce Henrik Malmqvist is becoming a Partner. Henrik will continue his work with Compliance, Management and Business Architecture. 

“Complianza is operating in the most dynamic parts of its industries right now with vast opportunities coming along thick and fast, including business, legal and management. With its visionary and broad competences Complianza is in prime position to capitalize on those developments that I’m thrilled to become part of.” 

Henrik has experience from several leading positions as CTO, Head of IT-Operations and Head of ITSM. Synonymous with current and previous jobs in finance (Fintech) and the gaming industry where process/procedure; project and compliance within technology has been a big part of his main responsibilities, Henrik also holds a Business Architect (Master) and CIO certificate. 

“We are very happy to have Henrik onboard as a Partner,” said Christer Hutchinson-Kay, Managing Partner of Complianza. “The combination of his expertise and Complianza’s deep technical experience from European regulated markets will provide a unique competence in how to best manage the regulatory space, not only in the Nordic region, but all over Europe.” 

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