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We offer a full spectrum of senior Gaming Management, Innovative Compliance Services, New Market Analysis and Business Management to the Gaming Industry, helping organisations navigate the complex regulations throughout Europe.

rMony Gambling Compliance System

A revolutionary new system for managing all gaming regulatory certifications.

Gambling markets around the world are constantly changing, costing money & resources that could be used to develop your business.

For businesses in the highly regulated gaming industry compliance can be a huge headache… legal & technical assessments, internal & external audits and of course certificate management for each market.

Complianza offers a fully automated compliance system in rMony, removing the headache of keeping on-top of compliance regulations in each market; improving execution, quality, communication, workflow & access.

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rMony Gambling Compliance System

| Safe & Convenient Application

  • Safely store all gaming regulatory certifications
  • Fully compiled in one application with easy access
  • Quickly locate & retrieve certificates for specific suppliers or jurisdictions
rMony Gambling Compliance System

| Fully Automated System

  • Automatically distribute certificates to all operators & partners
  • Automated reminders when certificates are about to expire
  • Automated reminders for providing reports & documentation to regulators
rMony Gambling Compliance System

| Substantially Decrease Regulatory Workload

  • No need to manually handle certifications
  • No need for homemade systems that require development resources
  • rMony will always remember any deadlines for suppliers or regulators

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Gaming Management

The gaming market is changing with new products, systems, channels and arenas. At the same time we can see more of deregulation and new geographical markets as well as company mergers and acquisitions.

Gaming management is more important than ever.

Gaming Management

| Business Development

All companies need to develop and grow. By using new solutions and approaches through the organisation’s competence, personnel, markets and customers, we create new business opportunities.

  • Business Cases
  • Market Entry
  • Feasibility Studies
Gaming Management

| Product Management

When technological development goes faster than ever, every organisation needs to balance the need to deliver value to the business, with customer expectations and what is technically and operationally possible.

  • Road Map & Portfolio Management
  • Competitor Analysis
  • IP Assessment & Protection
Gaming Management

| Compliance

Compliance builds business value, creates shareholder value and enables the company’s long-term credibility.

  • Certifications
  • Regulations
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Process Development
  • Training
  • Audits

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New Market Analysis

Suppliers and operators must adapt to each markets’ specific rules and regulations in online gambling; conforming to and maintaining these can take up valuable resources better utilised elsewhere.

Complianza will make sure that you are as prepared as possible for certification and licensing processes in each new market.

New Market Analysis

| New Markets Coming Up

Are you planning to enter a new market? Let us help you with a gap analysis of how your business works in relation to the new market.

Complianza has extensive knowledge from regulated markets and their requirements, and with experience from the state lotteries and regulatory bodies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, we have the experience to prepare you for the new regulated markets in the best possible way.

Our consultants have been working with Norwegian and Swedish state lotteries and their procurement of systems, as well as supporting a large gaming supplier entering several markets, including Denmark and Spain, and investigated opportunities for other markets.

New Market Analysis

| In a Nutshell

Complianza will make sure that you are as prepared as possible for the changes of the new gaming market and yet only spend a fixed fee with a minimum impact on your organisation.  

The project will start with a workshop, followed by an assessment of your product and organisation and then presentation of a comprehensive report.

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Business Management

If you need a speaking partner, management for hire or an investigation, we have the experience and knowledge to give you a hand.

Business Management

| Compliance Officer

A SLA based compliance officer can support your management team with day to day issues, support when compliance process is under review or implement an audit.

The workload for a Compliance Officer is normally fluctuating considerably over time. At the same time in compliance intense businesses, most companies need to keep a constant control of the compliance issues such as regulatory changes and internal processes. 

Complianza has developed a service in order to support customers in managing day to day Compliance work. The service includes legal & technical assessments, internal & external audits, market analysis and certificate management for each market.

Business Management

| IP in Gaming

Your company’s intellectual property – whether that’s patents, trade secrets or just employee know-how – may be more valuable than your physical assets.

We can help you protect your R&D investment by an analysis, training of SMT’s and recommended approaches.

Business Management

| Business Management

When you are in need of strengthening your organisation we can offer program & project management, account management, team coaching or management for hire.

With short notice and time to get up and running, we can lead your whole business, or part of your team for any duration required. 

Complianza possess a unique management competence with highly skilled personnel. We have worked on all levels ranging from CEO to project management and in roles responsible for sales, marketing and development. 

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