Complianza launches rMony – a new automated certification system for the gaming industry

Today Complianza launches a new fully automated compliance system in rMony, a revolutionary way to manage all required gaming certifications.

For businesses in the highly regulated gaming industry compliance can be a huge headache in terms of legal & technical assessments, internal & external audits and of course certificate management for each market.

rMony is a brand new revolutionary system that will automatically handle all regulatory certifications, send reminders when certificates are about to expire and provide reports and documentation to regulators.

“Gaming markets around the world are constantly changing, costing money, effort and resources that could be used to develop the business. The future is about automation, innovation and AI” says Christer Hutchinson Kay, managing partner at Complianza.

More information on rMony is available on our services page.

For further information and a demo, please contact Christer Hutchinson-Kay at:
Phone: +46 705 353 654

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