Complianza announces new partnership with Nordic Procurement to continue growth

Complianza Products is pleased to announce a partnership with Nordic Procurement, an important step in taking Complianza’s Compliance-as-a-service product, rMony, to the next level, building a global business.

rMony is a unique product that digitalises all compliance work in the global gambling industry, minimising compliance time and costs through a fully automated gambling compliance system. “We can step up efficiency and security using compliance as a business opportunity”, said Johan Kasper, CEO Nordic Procurement.

Gambling markets around the world are constantly changing, and for businesses in the highly regulated gambling industry compliance is a huge headache. Complying with various laws, standards, frameworks and regulations is a complicated, expensive and time consuming process. Providing legal & technical assessments, internal & external audits, and certificate management for each market costs money and resources that could be used to further develop businesses instead.

Nordic Procurement specialises in the procurement field, helping their customers save time and money with innovative solutions and improved quality. The founders Johan Kaspar and Ufuk Caglayan both have backgrounds in the gambling industry.

“We are looking forward to cooperating with Nordic Procurement as our new partners, using their broad range of experience and network to take rMony to the next level, building a global business”, said Ann-Sofie Olsson, chairman of the board at Complianza Products.

For more information, please contact:

Ann-Sofie Olsson
Phone: +46 763 164 094

Johan Kaspar
Phone: +46 702 097 177

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