The top 10 gambling companies by market capitalisation

The Gaming industry is continuing to grow, and despite macro-economic headwinds, gambling companies continue to perform well.

However, as we emerge from a pandemic and, if economists’ projections are to be believed, ride headfirst into a recession, which companies are currently on top and for how long will it stay that way?

Spectrum Gaming have broken down the top 10 gambling companies by market cap; offering a quick overview of their current financial situation and outlook.

  1. Française des Jeux (FDJ) – €5.97bn (US$5.97bn)
  2. Wynn Resorts – US$7.44bn
  3. Entain – £7.2bn (US$8.2bn)
  4. DraftKings – US$8.34bn
  5. Caesars Entertainment – US$9.67bn
  6. MGM Resorts – US$13.11bn

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